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5 Easy Steps to Follow When Starting a Blog

There are various reasons for starting a blog, but typically the underlying purpose is to make money in some way. Sometimes your blog is there to offer useful information about the products and services your company offers and other times you might just be writing about your hobbies or some philanthropic pursuit which you are passionate about. In any case, you can quickly start a blog in a single day if you take advantage of these five easy to follow steps.

1. Choose a CMS for Your Blog – Why WordPress Might Be Best

Sometimes referred to as a Content Management System, CMS, what you are really looking for is a user-friendly platform for your blog. You want something you can install and begin using quickly and WordPress gets the #1 position, hands down. It is by far the easiest to work with and most hosting companies offer WordPress hosting with the CMS already installed for you. How easy is that?

2. Find the Right Web Hosting Service

Not only is your choice of platforms of vital importance, but so too is the web hosting service you choose. Always read the reviews on sites like Hosting Kingdom to better understand what each web hosting company has to offer. One thing to be leery of is the fact that cheap hosting doesn’t always equate to cheap services. This is why it’s important to read the reviews! You can find great hosting for pennies a day if you choose the right hosting company.

3. Carefully Choose a Domain Name

Typically, you can start researching your domain name on your web hosting company’s site. Sometimes you even get that domain name for free. These sites will have a search function where you can find whether or not a domain name is available and from there you can try variations if it’s not. Just remember, your domain name is important on several levels so choose wisely. This may be the lengthiest part of the entire process, believe it or not!

4. Install WordPress via Your Hosting Dashboard

If you don’t choose a hosting company that has WordPress preinstalled, you can easily install it from your dashboard. Even if they don’t offer what is called “WordPress Hosting,” know that most web hosting companies are set up to work well with this platform. They’d be foolish not to since it is the number one CMS in the world!

5. Choose a Template and Start Blogging!

One of the best features of WordPress is that you can choose between literally hundreds (if not thousands) of free templates. You can always modify the template if you need to set it up a bit differently, but with such a large and active WP community, help is just a forum away.

It really is easier to set up a blog than you might imagine because there are so many web hosting companies out there with great customer service. Find one that is priced affordably and well-known for great customer service. Once you follow the above five steps, you’ll be blogging in no time at all.